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Nissan Skyline GTS-t Type M drift missile by jmig3
Nissan Skyline GTS-t Type M drift missile
So, I've managed to get my lazy arse to upload something here //slapped

I'd just like to stress this before I go any further: This is not a Skyline GTR, rather a GTS-t Type M running GTR parts, because it looks cooler that way. XD
I also have to say this is my favorite artwork so far considering the astronomical effort I put into it. I did it as a mascot car for Car Throttle, I originally uploaded it to their discuss board (see it here,… and I was not even expecting the car to ascend as a wall decoration for their office, which took me by surprise! (another link with Car Throttle CEO taking a photo of it:….

Also, why mangled bodywork? BECAUSE DRIFT MISSILE! XD

Now let's talk about parts lol.
The engine is a GALLO 24 2.6L RB26DETT N1 twin-turbo Inline-6 salvaged from an R34 N1 donor car, the parts have been overhauled, running a fully-built lower and top end consisting of Tomei Powered Procams (290°/290° lift and 11.50 duration), and adjustable cam gears, Tomei Powered head gasket, Forged pistons with titanium H-connecting rods, aluminum crankshaft, titanium valve and valve springs, carbon intake manifold w/ individual throttle bodies, K&N air filter with heat shield, two HKS T04Z turbochargers running 2.0 bar of boost pressure-- they also do not run a blow off valve; so you can hear go SUTUTUTUTUTU, the turbos also make use of an Electronic Boost Controller and a titanium up and down pipe. Cooling is provided via Calsonic intercooler running a (possibly the cheapest mod on this car) DIY water spray composed of left over steel braided hoses and a small tank filled with cold water; hidden behind the license plate, the intercooler is also sprayed black for that maaad JDM sweg XD, a Mishimoto radiator with fan shroud and a Cosworth oil cooler for the dry sump lubrication system. The engine control unit is a Mine's VX-ROM ECU, lastly the exhaust is an Amuse TITAN R1 titanium exhaust with no resonator or catalyc converter, just a full-on straight pipe. Maximum horsepower falls around the 780hp range (I think lol) with 600 ft/lbs of torque.

The transmission is a 6-speed manual gearbox from the same R34, running an OS Giken NS224-CC3 TS triple-plate clutch, a 2-way Limited Slip Differential (adjustable), ATS flywheel, and a Carbonetic driveshaft. It also runs a short throw shift kit for further reduced shift times. Top speed is around 180 mph due to a close-gear ratio.

The suspension is a 
Mine’s ESTA Full Spec Suspension III with full adjustable everything-- mainly springs, shock absorbers, camber plates and caster plates, and hollow blade-type anti roll bars-- also adjustable. The brakes are Brembo 6-piston calipers with metal cross-drilled rotors, braided brake lines, and Brembo high performance brake pads. Tires are uhhh... the tires are some grippy Advan Neovas which are 250mm wide up front and the rear tires run PPHHHBBBBBTTT-- cheap, second hand, slightly worn tires that are 285mm wide. They are shod on some black Enkei RP03 Type RC wheels.

The body panels has obviously seen better days, but the inner bdywork has been treated with a few spot welds, strut braces and a body integrated multi point rollcage.

Exterior wise, it runs R32 GTR parts, mainly a NISMO front bumper, GTR rear bumper, with fender flares painted in an asymmetrical orange and black, a BN Sports side skirt, damaged front splitter, carbon roof, the GTR rear wing also sports a Fujimura Rocket Dancer Flügel Flap; painted in black and a small lip on the trunk. The body also sports numerous battle scars from wall taps, and contact with other cars, zipties and duct tape-- DUCT TAPE EVERYWHERE. The interior sports an OMP steering wheel carbon dashboard, fixed back bucket seats, rear seat delete, Defi 
oil, water, temperature and boost gauges, a boost controller and two Mine's ECU plug outlets to tune the VX-ROM unit. The seats also run Takata racing harnesses, and for added safety features, it has a fuel kill switch and a fire extinguisher. The trunk also contains a Brail car battery and a small 5lb tank to house water for the intercooler water spray
Well, I AM still breathing XD

College has been a betch and I think I'm going to catch senioritis real early lol
But don't worry my peeps, I got some art to upload and hopefully you guys would welcome me back, despite me being MIA for a really long time lol
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I'm not dead, guys. I repeat: I AM NOT DEAD!! XD

(will spam you with some art in a few days as well apart from today lol)
You'll catch a cold, Feliks by jmig3
You'll catch a cold, Feliks
So yeah, back to drawing badass operators yo! Figured I might as well start off with an OC serving in Jednostka Wojskowa GROM. I basically channeled a week's worth of feels and loneliness (yeah...)

The rain adds for a heavier atmosphere. First time playing around with wet surfaces. Went better than expected, if I say so myself
1972 Nisan Skyline HT 2000GT-R by jmig3
1972 Nisan Skyline HT 2000GT-R
Goddammit, I should stop drawing too many cars. XD

But then again, there are some that you absolutely cannot refuse to draw. Like this car here; this is a Hakosuka Skyline done up in Rough Style-- with exposed bolts on the overfenders, a front mounted oil cooler sticking out of the grill, and battle scars everywhere. Okay minus the battle scars, since I wanted it to look pristine (which kind of sounds counter-intuitive lol). Specifically it is done up in the Shakotan sub-style with the exposed oil cooler, low body, fat tires and aggressive stance. I also took inspiration from the Touring Car versions of this Skyline from the 70's which ran an identical appearance.

Also if you look closely at the license pate, this is that same car from here: I have just refined to make look better. Also this is supposed to be Misha's car when he's over at Okinawa XD

Now as I type this, I am reading it from a piece of paper where I listed every single modification to it. #justcarguythings //slapped

The engine is a bit of a mechanical frankenstein, the engine is the 2.0L S20 Inline-6, it has been bored to initially 2.8L with an L28 engine block while retaining the original S20 cylinder heads, then it has been bored ever so slightly to 3.0L, other modifications to the main engine is that it's components have been balanced and it also has been blueprinted for optimized reliability and tolerances, it also has polished and enlarged intake and exhaust ports, a thinner head gasket, Bosch competition-spec spark plugs, hollow titanium valves and valve springs, Tomei Powered aggressive-lift camshafts, custom forged racing pistons with 14:1 compression, Top Secret fuel management system along with improved fuel lines, enlarged fuel pump, bigger injectors and a piggy-back fuel rail system, Mine's VX-ROM engine control unit, Cosworth dry-sump oil system with a Jegs oil cooler and a K&N oil filter. Breathing is improved via a K&N air filter attached to a carbon inlet with individual throttle bodies, titanium intake and isometric exhaust manifold, and an Amuse R1 Titan titanium exhaust. Total output of the car is rated at 425 whp and 350 ft/lbs of torque.

The transmission is a 6-speed manual frrom an S15 Silvia Spec-R, running close ratio gears, an Exedy carbon Triple-plate Clutch, ATS Carbon flywheel, Precision Shaft Technologies carbon driveshaft and an OS Giken 2-way limited slip differential.

The suspension system sits on a custom pusrod system on all four corners, running Bilstein adjustable MDS 2-way dampers and springs, adjustable camber plates, and hollow adjustable anti-roll bars. The brakes are Brembo 6-pot calipers up front and 4-pots at the rear, it also runs carbon-ceramic cross-drilled rotors and composite brake pads, as well as steel braided brake hoses. The tires are Good Year Eagle Medium-compound racing slicks which are shod in 17" deep-dished Watanabe R-Line wheels finished in black with red pinstriped lips.

The body has been reinforced via chemical/acid dipping, then by addition of spot welds. Increasing it even further is done with the aid of additional body struts, and a multi-point body integrated rollcage.

Exterior of the car comes in the form of a bodykit identical to the ones used by Skylines competing in the JTCC (Japanese Touring Car Championship) in the 70's; the hood, doors, trunk, over fenders, front fenders, adjustable rear wing w/ Gurney Flap, wing mirrors and adjustable front splitter have all been done up in dry carbon fiber further reducing weight. The right headlight has been replaced with a ram-air inlet while the left cluster has been spared.

The interior loses it's radio and much of it's trim and luxuries, save for the air-con. The dash board has been redone in carbon fiber and houses an AutoMeter tachometer and speedometer as well as several Defi gauges monitoring oil temperature and pressure, water temperature, fuel pressure and external temperature.

Safety devices include a racing fuel cell, fire extinguisher, roll cage (as previously mentioned), Recaro fixed back racing seats with Takata 6-point racing harnesses, and a fuel kill switch.
Well, I AM still breathing XD

College has been a betch and I think I'm going to catch senioritis real early lol
But don't worry my peeps, I got some art to upload and hopefully you guys would welcome me back, despite me being MIA for a really long time lol
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  • Playing: Gran Turismo 6


jmig3's Profile Picture
Miguel V.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
OH HERRO! XD My name's jmig3 you can call me jmig or mig :).

I am a military and automotive artist, I don't draw anime much. I am also an amateur photographer and a writer, I like to write stories.

I like to get real friendly with people, though I tend to be a bit cynical and snarky; really snarky. Don't worry though, I don't bite.

That's about it so far, I hope we can get along!

[HOONIGAN] Sticker Bombing by bora888 :thumb323269976:
(Credits go to the owners of the respective photos)

I'm also a gamer, I play BF3, COD, and MOH, I am never the type who goes "Hurr COD iS r3tarded, BF3 and MOH 1s moar l337 b3cuz itz moar realistic hurr durr" In short I'm a regular gamer, not a rabid fanboy XD

And here are my bros and people I've come to meet here, who make really awesome art :D
:iconking-chromo: :iconanbusquadleader: :iconkahunasniper: :iconndtwofives: :iconmemechan96: :iconsimplyonions: :iconvaliant-horizon: :iconmalmp: :iconriflingsniper:
:iconamazakeaihara01: :iconadminchibiya: :iconthomchen114: :iconkirolover28: :iconditto-kun: :iconnotoayako: :iconlazyseal8: :iconnamimorii: :iconlaggtastic::iconprincecaeruu::iconyunisuaizawa::iconenigmaticmemory::iconapollomarsh: :iconazinchenko1996:

NOTE: Feel free to use my works, but you have to ask first. YOU ARE NOT TO USE ANY OF THE ARTWORKS I HAVE UPLOADED WITH OUT MY PERMISSION. If I find even a single one on Photobucket, Tumblr etc. and was used with out my knowledge, be advised I have every single right to report

You guys can also find me on Wattpad :D

STAMPS!! XD ( YEAH I SUPPORT THE TROOPS AND ISRAEL. Don't like it? Your problem, not mine.)
Stamp :: Vocaloid by u-sagi Watch Me For Art-Stamp by lupehero38 Top Gear opening stamp by The-Oncoming-Storm :thumb376431517: I Support Israel by Lulie JAAAAAAAAG stamp by KazultheDragon RPStamp Roleplay OC by PharaohQueen Pro Isreal Stamp by Mariofan9 RPStamp Roleplay by PharaohQueen Formula Drift Stamp by CobaltGriffin Dance Poland Dance by AlClair Stamp - Military-US by fmr0 Stamp - Israel by fmr0 I Love Guns Stamp by Its-An-Inferno I love drifting stamp by FragmentChaos Military Support Stamp by JeweloftheDesert Stamp - US Army by MauserGirl :thumb189878770: Support Your Troops by Danilee3240 9-11 Tribute Stamp 2 by KahunaSniper No Excuse Stamp by VampsStock :thumb164088597: Military Deviants Stamp by LostKitten Support our Troops 1 by Songficcer Jeremy Clarkson stamp by KazultheDragon .Stamp. Stamps Collect You by KillMePleaseGod .Stamp. Game Loses You by KillMePleaseGod Stamp - Military-UK by fmr0 RUN PRUSSIA RUN by AlClairMakr2 by Edge-0fHeavenAmnesia Rage by TheDrowWarrior1

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