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Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex (AE86) by jmig3
Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex (AE86)
Belated 86 Day ladies and gents, I planned to post this sooner, however. lol (You may also view it on tumblr, click on this:…)

Anyways, this was the car I drew up for 86 Day, and it ended up doubling as Vent Art (I was reasonably angry at the time I was drawing this, channeled all me energy onto this car). Anyways, we pretty much know that what an artist will draw correlates to certain days/events/seasons and all that jazz I sort of do the same with my car art. Mind you, I’ve missed several opportunities to draw cars for certain events; there was a stillborn, Midnight Purple, Nissan Stagea I planned to finish on the first day of TX2K15, I also missed GATEBIL Rudskogen last month, at least I finished this on just in time for 86 Day. I also may or may not have picked out a car for to draw for celebrating this year's SEMA show. XD

Around the globe August 6th has become the de facto worldwide holy day for honoring the Toyota Corolla AE86–or affectionately called “Hachi-Roku”, essentially what was once a rather mundane economy car now turned darling of the car community made famous by a certain manga and anime *cough*Initial D*cough*. No mistake though, the AE86 was popular for racing; Toyota fielded several “N2″ AE86s in circuit racing, and some were used for rallying. As of now–and was in the 90′s, these cars are real popular in drifting circles.

I went with a Track Car/Canyon Carver setup, as much as I could have given it the appearance of a drift car, that would have been too predictable.

Now we've got that out of the way, we can now discuss it's mechanical bits.

The engine is a 1.6L 4A-GELU 20v Silver Top, Inline-4. It's components comprise of a dry-sump oil system, with a custom oil catch can, Cosworth oil cooler and a K&N oil filter, a reinforced block; which has been bored to 1610cc, it also sports a Toyota Formula Atlantic crankshaft, forged pistons with a 9.5:1 compression ratio mated to titanium H-rods, up top it has a TRD 0.5mm head gasket and runs a ported and polished cylinder head with enlarged intake and exhaust ports, TRD valves and strengthened valve springs. The cams are a set of Tomei 272/272 camshafts with adjustable gears. Forced Induction comes in the way of a Toyota roots supercharger taken from a 4A-GZE; it runs a smaller pulley allowing it to make 7.3 psi of boost. Fuel system gets an upgrade with a TRD electronic fuel injection, Bosch 550cc injectors, ProComp fuel pump and a Radium fuel surge tank. Intake and exhaust comes in the form of 50mm individual throttle bodies with titanium velocity stacks, a titanium exhaust manifold and a de-catted Kakimoto Full N1 Single exhaust. Cooling is provided by a Mishimoto Race Ready radiator with a dual fan shroud. Managing all this is a Haltec ECU. Maximum output is rated at 310+ whp @ 9,500 rpm with 280 lb/ft of torque at 7,000 rpm.

The transmission is the standard 5-speed manual gearbox, but it runs TRD close ratio gears, ACT 6-puck clutch, TODA racing flywheel, carbon fiber driveshaft, and a Quaiffe 2-way adjustable mechanical LSD. It also runs a transmission oil cooler and a LSD oil cooler. Top speed is rated at around 150 miles per hour.

Suspension and brakes consist of a TRD fully-adjustable suspension system, TRD anti-roll bars, an SS Works Watts Link and urethane bushings; the brakes are a set of Project Mu. 6-pot calipers up front and 4-pot calipers at the rear, SCR GT rotors, and H21 pads on all four corners. Tires meanwhile are a set of Kumho ECSTA V710 shod on 17'' RS Watanabe R-Line wheels. The chassis has been seam welded, a TRD strut bar, and an FIA-approved roll cage help stiffen the body.

The exterior runs a TRD N2 ground effects kit with the openings of the wheel arches rounded out to help sit the car lower. The hood is a TRD carbon fiber unit with a J-Blood carbon fiber headlight cluster to complement it. The doors are SEIBON OEM carbon fiber doors with carbon fiber OEM side mirrors. The rear portion sports a SEIBON carbon fiber rear hatch, a TRD rear spoiler, and on the roof is a GoPro Hero 3 HD camera. The interior is purely spartan, save for a carbon fiber dashboard, the A/C unit, radio, and a simple 2 speaker and one subwoofer sound system, and much of the interior trim (replaced with carbon fiber panels) and rear seats have been deleted. For safety, the seats are fixed back bucket seats with Takata 5-point racing harnesses, a fire extinguisher is also present which--with the aid of fire suppression lines around the car-- can put out fires in both the cabin and engine bay, a battery and fuel pump kill switch is also installed. Total weight of the car is about 850 kg or 1,873 lbs.
Honda S2000 (AP1) by jmig3
Honda S2000 (AP1)
Figured I should upload a Japanese car this time. Also, my apologies for being rather inactive, we moved into a new place and as we settled in our internet craps out on me, so... yeah.

I did this for my friend Gabz, admin of the fb page called Car Memes one of the guys who works at Car Throttle. I uploaded it to their website as well, you can check it here:…

Anyways, I drew it for him since back then, prior to the drawing, he used to own a silver Honda S2000 which he sold a year ago. So I decided to draw this up since he missed it. Funny in hindsight because by the time I finished this drawing, he had already bought a dark blue Honda S2000. When drawing up the car, I gave it a bit more of a track day look, instead of the mad Time Attack get up. But for the sake of it, I'll be redoing this soon in full TA trim, because racecar XD

Right, without further ado, let's begin. As always, engine specs will be listed from bottom to top.

The engine is the Honda F22C, lifted off of the late model S2000--the AP2. The original car's engine, the smaller F20C has since been discarded.

Down bottom it has a TODA Racing Anti-G Force oil pan which runs with an ARE dry sump oil system in conjunction with a Cusco oil catch can, Mishimoto oil cooler and K&N oil filter. The block has been strengthened and blueprinted. The crank is a InlinePro 2.4L stroker unit with a TODA Racing lightweight crank pulley, the cylinders were bored out to about 2.5L--2540cc to be exact, re designating it to the F25C. Compression is provided by Forged pistons with a 8.5:1 compression ratio & titanium H-rods. The gasket between the cylinder head and engine block is thinner, the cylinder heads themselves have been ported and the intake and exhaust ports have been polished, complementing them are a set of enlarged, three angle grind titanium valves and titanium valve springs. It's cams come in the way of a CATCAMS Stage III Aggressive cams (274 / 264 degrees of duration and 13.45mm / 12.5mm of lift) and adjustable cam gears. Fuel delivery and ignition comes from a set of NGK Laser Iridium spark plugs, DeatschWerks Plug and Play 800cc fuel injector kit, DeatschWerks 255 LPH In-tank fuel pump, Radium Auto surge tank, HKS Supercharger fuel upgrade kit, and a Hondata K Pro engine management system. The extra boost of power is added by an HKS GTS7040 supercharger equipped with a smaller pulley, producing 14.7psi of boost. Cooling is provided by an HKS intercooler, and a Mishimoto radiator with a dual fan shroud. Intake is facilitated by a K&N pod filter, and exhaust is managed by an Amuse R1 titanium exhaust manifold, a free flowing catalytic converter and an Amuse R1 single exit exhaust. Maximum output is rated at 645 whp @ 9000rpm (9500rpm redline) and with 450lb/ft of torque.

The transmission is a six speed unit equipped with an 
OS Giken close ratio gearbox kit, TS2A clutch and flywheel, Spoon driveshaft and a Cusco Type RS 2 way LSD. Top speed is rated at about 185mph due to the close ratio gearbox.

The Suspension is an 
Amuse adjustable suspension kit with 3-way adjustable springs and dampers, Eibach adjustable hollow front and rear sway bars. The brakes are a Project Mu brake kit with 6-pot (front) and 4-pot (rear) calipers with vented discs, Project Mu brake pads, braided brake hoses and an upgraded dual brake master cylinder setup. The tires are Hankook Ventus racing slicks 265mm wide up front and 300 at the rear, they are shod on 18 inch custom-ordered RS Watanabe R-Line wheels.

The chassis has been reinforced in the way of a custom multi-point FIA-approved rollcage--welded directly onto the car's shell, a Cusco strut bar for both front and rear suspension turrets, Spoon subframe rigid collars, Neuspeed X-brace and numerous spot welds. The exterior sports carbon fiber replacements for several body panels/parts: the bumper is a custom unit made of carbon fiber with an S2000 CR lower valence and an adjustable front splitter, the front fenders are dry carbon fiber with vents cut into them for hot air to vent out to cool the brakes, the door is also dry carbon fiber, the roof is a Mugen carbon fiber hard top doing away with the car's retractable roof. The trunk is a Velocity carbon fiber trunk, attached to it is a Voltex 1600mm type-2 rear wing. The rear bumper is also carbon fiber with a Spoon S-Tai rear diffuser.

The interior is rather spartan, much of the original parts were also replaced with carbon fiber to reduce weight, it however retains the air conditioning and the stereo setup runs a rather weak 3-speaker system (but I assume that won't be a problem, you'll be too busy gawking over it's wicked exhaust note amplified by the Amuse exhaust. If anything, the stereo is simply used to blast Eurobeat). There are also a few Defi gauges in the center console used to monitor boost pressure, fuel and oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature and external temperature. The seats are a set of Recaro carbon bucket seats with a set of Takata racing harnesses. Nestled between the seats is a GoPro Hero 3 camera. Total weight of the car is 2,400lbs.
This is why I should not be allowed to do fanart at all.

Anyways, this is Shinonome Nano from Nichijou. This is why /k/ and anime are also not allowed to mix.

(She has stub wings carrying two Dillon Aero M134 miniguns, and two AGM-114 Hellfires--one on each side. Oh and a Saab Bofors 40mm cannon behind her arm XD)
Just so you know, I have to scan all my car drawings twice--they're too big to fit in my scanner. lol
I shouldn't be allowed to use Photoshop by jmig3
I shouldn't be allowed to use Photoshop
Title says it all, mang. This is what happens when I have too much spare time and find nothing else to do at home.

Feel free to use it as a wallpaper XD
Tagged by: Dreamer-Alicia 

Right, before I start, I just want to say I'm back. Maaad love (no homo) to all those who wanted me back on here, I couldn't make the decision without 'em. I know it was a bit short, but I wanted to keep it brief with no frills.


1) You must place these rules.

2) Each Person Must Write 10 Facts About themselves.

3)You must tag 10 people.

4)Go to their homepage and inform them that they have been tagged by u.

5)Not something like "You have been tagged if you read this"

6)Pick ten people and put their icons in their journal. lol no

7)You can't say I don't do tags

8)No tag back.

9) You must make a journal entry. K den

10)You must answer and ask 10 Questions.

10 facts about me:

  1. I'm 5'4. Basically I'm a short Half-Asian dude. 
  2. I'm cynical. But I'm really nice.
  3. I'm lazy
  4. I am 17, but I look like I'm 20
  5. I have a beard
  6. My favourite subject in school was history
  7. I like Power Metal
  8. I swear like a sailor

Her Questions
1.) What are your hobbies?
Wallowing in self pity I draw, write stories (and the occasional poem), read good books, and contemplate
2.)What is your inspiration when you do art? Being Different
3.) What would you rather lose, Friends or family? Damn, that's a tough one.
4.) Would you rather sacrifice yourself or sacrifice another to save everyone? Myself. yolo
5.) Thoughts about life? Either you die a nice person OR you live to see yourself grow to become cynical and salty as fuck. If you still manage to be nice; well, kudos to you, friend.
6.) Kittens or penguins? BOTH
7.) RDJ or Nick Cage? Both, because RDJ is love, Nick Cage is life.
8.) Did you notice that some of my questions are either hella stupid or hella confusing? Was it? I sure as hell know it wasn't.
9.) What is the meaning of your life? I really do not know.
10.) Do you want to read homestuck? Sure, in my free time.
  • Listening to: Sabaton- No Bullets Fly
  • Reading: How Hard Can it Be? by Jeremy Clarkson
  • Watching: Top Gear
  • Eating: Steak
  • Drinking: Water


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Miguel V.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm a military and automotive artist who has lost a lot of motivation to draw.

I'm quite friendly, once you get to know me. That's about it so far, I hope we can get along.

And here are my bros and people I've come to know here. Check 'em out, they're awesome.
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NOTE: Feel free to use my works, but you have to ask first. YOU ARE NOT TO USE ANY OF THE ARTWORKS I HAVE UPLOADED WITH OUT MY PERMISSION. If I find even a single one on Photobucket, Tumblr etc. and was used with out my knowledge, be advised I have every single right to report

You guys can also find me on Wattpad :D

STAMPS!! XD ( YEAH I SUPPORT THE TROOPS AND ISRAEL. Don't like it? Your problem, not mine.)
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